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Last updated on 11 June 2018

OOne lucky winner will walk away with a Spindel 6,5kg clothes dryer worth R2 599, including delivery anywhere in South Africa.

Save water, time and electricity with a Spindel! Spindel, an eco-friendly #LaundryLifeSaver,  helps dry clothes quickly and without the high energy costs of a tumble dryer by spinning out excess water from damp clothing after your usual washing machine cycle is complete.  But did you know that Spindel can help you save water too?

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Handwashing with grey water, especially for smaller loads and woollen fabrics, is a good way to save water. Spindel is the perfect partner as it uses spin power to remove water that can be used again for your next load or for watering plants. A bonus is that it won’t damage delicate fabrics, so it’s safe for winter woollens.

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